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Welcome to the Lakes Nursery!

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Lake's Nursery has been selling Japanese maples and other great plants for nearly 40 years. Japanese maples are our specialty but we carry a full selection of other trees, shade trees, boxed specimens, shrubs, bamboo, and other plants as well. We're open daily from 9 to 5, no appointment necessary. We're located west of Auburn, at 8435 Crater Hill Road, Newcastle, CA, a short 10 minute drive off I-80. 

Japanese Maples: We stock hundreds of Japanese maple varieties and thousands of trees. We have as many as 300+ different cultivars of Japanese maples at any one time! We stock all sizes, from small containers to landscape trees to specimen sizes. With our decades of experience, we can help you with selection, placement, planting, care, pruning, watering, problems, and all other things related to maples. We have demonstration gardens and plantings on our grounds including a Japanese garden with large koi pond, and are developing additional gardens.

Conifers: We grow high quality and unusual conifers and have HUGE selection, including unique varieties and specimen plants.

Bamboo: We stock both spreading and non-spreading varieties including varieties for basic landscaping purposes and a few unusual cultivars.  We have mature groves on our acreage that we harvest and propagate, and visitors are welcome to stroll through these groves. We can help you choose a bamboo for your garden and can offer advice on containment, placement, planting, watering, and care.

Unique Plants: We're known throughout Northern California for our unique and uncommon plants. Weird stuff, unusual cultivars, gorgeous and hard-to-find plant material is our specialty.

Trees, shrubs and other plants: We stock a full range of landscape plants, including a large selection of landscape-sized boxed shade trees and other plants at competitive prices.  

Current News: 

FALL 2016: 

After a long, brutally hot summer, we're looking forward to those balmy autumn days and cool fall nights. Warm afternoons and chilly evenings bring out the best fall leaf color so keep your fingers crossed for a great fall show. We're already seeing fall color in October, but the peak isn't usually until November. We're expecting deliveries of new Japanese maples, conifers and other plants this fall and through next spring, including some new varieties in smaller sizes.

New at the nursery. Quirky garden art by a local artist. Affordable prices. Fun art.  

First fall delivery was in mid-September! Japanese maples. Weird maples, Small, rare conifers. The stuff customers have been asking for. A few of the more unusual Japanese maples include Bald Smith, Blue Moon, Livy, Orange Dream, Skeeter's Broom, Watnong, Inazuma, Autumn Fire, Hana Matoi, Iijima Sunago, Aratama, Yama Kagi, Winter Orange, Shigure Bato, and Ogon Sarasu. Most are in #2 or #5 containers. Unusual conifers include Spreading Star Fir, Silberperle Fir, Golden Spreader Norway Fir, Silver Mist Deodar Cedar, Blue Angel Cedar of Lebanon, Pendula Bruns Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, Uncle Fogy Pine, Chief Joseph Pine, Jackobson Mugo Pine, Suncrest Mugo Pine, Fukuzumi Pine, Goldilocks Pine, Hagoromo Pine, Mitsch's Weeping Pine, and many more. Many are in small collector's containers. Expected delivery date is September 15 but call first because the plants have to be inspected and cleared before they can be sold.  

Last spring's Japanese maple delivery included thousands of trees, many that are so unique that we have only 1 of that variety in stock. New varieties include Amagi Shidare, Angustifolium, Asagi Nishiki, Berrima Bridge, Corvallis Broom, Cynthia's Crown Jewel, Dad's Best, Felice, Gold Reticulated, Gossamer, Hansel, Japanese Princess, Kamagata, Kandy Kitchen, Kasigayama, Kim, Kinshi, Koyama Dani Nishiki, Lil Ann's Jewel, Olsen's Frosted Strawberry, Rainbow, Ryusen, Samarai Sword, Shin Hikasa, Sir Happy, Tattoo, Weptumpka Red, and more. Others that we've stocked before but still unusual include Adrian Compact, Amber Ghost, Baby Ghost, Baldsmith, Beni Hoshi, Bery Dwarf, Coonara Pygmy, Fairy Lights, Germain's Gyration, Glowing Embers, Grandma Ghost, Ichigyoji, Japanese Sunrise, Jiro Shidare, Jordan, Kiyohime Yatsubusa, Moonrise, Murasake Kiyohime, Octopus, Osakazuki, Otto's Dissectum, Purple Ghost, Rhode Island Red, Shaina, Shirazz, Sister Ghost, Twombley's Red Sentinel, Watnong, Winter Flame, and Yasmin. Not a complete list, we have hundreds more!!!  

CURRENT SALE: Click on our SALE button. It will direct you to our SALE PAGE where we have Yuccas on sale. $10.00 OFF all regular yuccas including 'Color Guard', 'Bright Edge', and 'Ivory Tower' Regular $29.95, now $19.95. Large plants. Great buy!

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