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Welcome to the Lakes Nursery!

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Lake's Nursery has been selling Japanese maples and other great plants for nearly 40 years. Japanese maples are our specialty but we carry a full selection of other trees, shade trees, boxed specimens, shrubs, bamboo, and other plants as well. We're open to the public EVERY DAY, no appointment necessary. Hours are 9-5 everyday. We can be contacted by phone at (530)885-1027. We're located west of Auburn, at 8435 Crater Hill Road, Newcastle, CA, a short 10 minute drive off I-80.

Japanese Maples: We stock hundreds of Japanese maple varieties and thousands of trees. We have as many as 300+ different cultivars of Japanese maples at any one time! We stock all sizes, from small containers to landscape trees to specimen sizes. With our decades of experience, we can help you with selection, placement, planting, care, pruning, watering, problems, and all other things related to maples. We have demonstration gardens and plantings on our grounds including a Japanese garden with large koi pond, and are developing additional gardens.

Conifers: We grow high quality and unusual conifers and have HUGE selection, including unique varieties and specimen plants.

Bamboo: We're have the largest stock of bamboo in the area. We have dozens of different varieties of bamboo, including both spreading and non-spreading varieties. We have mature groves on our acreage that we harvest and propagate, and visitors are welcome to stroll through these groves. We can help you choose a bamboo for your garden and can offer advice on containment, placement, planting, watering, and care.

Unique Plants: We're known throughout Northern California for our unique and uncommon plants. Weird stuff, unusual cultivars, gorgeous and hard-to-find plant material is our specialty.

Trees, shrubs and other plants: We stock a full range of landscape plants, including a large selection of landscape-sized boxed shade trees and other plants at competitive prices.  

Current News:

SPRING NEWS: Many deliveries including Japanese maples and dogwoods. Japanese maple leaves have begun to leaf out starting with Katsura, Ueno Yama, and Orange Dream, along with many dwarf varieties such as Kiyohime, Murasaki Kiyohime, and Kashima. A short week later Shin DeShojo, Shin Chishio, and Wilson's Pink Dwarf leaf out in neon shades of rosy pink. Then quickly, other Japanese maple leaves open, with red leaves opening last. By mid-March, nearly all Japanese maple leaves have opened up and the flowering cherries and wisteria are in bloom. Peak viewing time continues through April and into May.  

JAPANESE MAPLES!!! The long awaited arrival of Japanese maples is finally here!!! Thousands of plants, hundreds of new and different varieties. Small containers, boxed specimens, and everything in between. Cultivars include: Bihou, Ryusen, Garnet Tower, Jordan, Summer Gold, Peve Multicolor, Yure Hime Sport, Baby Ghost, Sister Ghost, Uncle Ghost, Grandma Ghost,Purple Ghost, Katsura Hime, Kinran, Jeddeloah Orange, Icygyoji, Hime Shojo, Germain's Gyration, Glowing Embers, Fairy Lights, Enkan, Englishtown, Elmwoodie, Carlis Corner, Wilson's Pink Dwarf, Watnong, Villa Taranto, Ukigumo, Tiger Rose, Suminagashi, Shishigashira, Scarlet Wonder, Ruby Red, Rhode Island Red, Red Rugose, Red Dragon, Oku Kugi Nishiki, Korean Gem, Koto Buki, Kogane Sakai, Bewley's Red, Beni Ubi Gohan, Aureum, Autumn Moon, Red Dawn, Ash's Scarlet Princess, Ariadne, Aka Kawa Hime, and many, many, many more!!!   

CURRENT SALES: Check out our sale page for current sales. Spring sales include Agapanthus and Fortnight Lilies. 

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