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Welcome to the Lakes Nursery!

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Lakes Nursery has the largest section of Japanese maples in Northern California! We stock hundreds of Japanese maple varieties and thousands of trees, as well as other unique plants. We have as many as 300+ different cultivars of Japanese maples at any one time!  We've been in business for over thirty years and with our decades of experience, we can help you with selection, placement, planting, care, pruning, watering, problems, and all other things related to maples. We have demonstration gardens and plantings on our grounds including a Japanese garden with large koi pond, and are developing additional gardens.

We're open to the public EVERY DAY from 9-5, no appointment necessary. CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY. We can be contacted via phone at (530) 885-1027. We're located west of Auburn, at 8435 Crater Hill Road, Newcastle, CA.

We always have a large selection of unusual and uncommon varieties of plants, unique conifers, specimen plants, and plants that are just plain fun!

We also stock nearly 30 varieties of bamboo, including both spreading and non-spreading varieties. We have mature groves on our acreage that we harvest and propagate, and visitors are welcome to stroll through these groves. We can help you choose a bamboo for your garden and can offer advice on containment, placement, planting, watering, and care.

On Sale Now: Click on the "On Sale Now" button for detailed information on current sales. Presently, we're having a sale on most #2 size Japanese maples, regularly $39.95, now only $30.00. In addition, we're continuing our Parking Lot Sale until the trees are repotted. Trees include #15 Japanese maples, regular $149.95-now 40% off, and Weeping Yoshino Flowering Cherries, sale priced at $39. Both Japanese maples and flowering cherries are tall with good trunk caliper. Japanese maples include Orido Nishiki, Ukigumo, Tana, Shigarami, native Vine Maples, and more (no sun tolerant trees).  

Spring News: #1 SIZE JAPANESE MAPLES ARE HERE!!! Many new varieties including Garnet Tower, Jordan, Bihou, Ryusen, Shirazz, Baby Ghost, Ground Cover, Baby Lace, Baldsmith, Hanami Nishiki, Germain's Gyration, Garyu, Fairy Lights, Englishtown, Coonara Pygmy, Brandt's Dwarf, Bewley's Red, Carlis Corner, Jeddeloh Orange, Italy Red, Koto No Ito, Katsura Hime, Matthew, Orion, Kuro Hime, Orange Dream, Otto's Dissectum, Red Rugose, Red Pygmy, Rhode Island Red, Scarlet Wonder, Sister Ghost, Summer Gold, Twombleys Red Sentinel, Yuri Hime Sport, Wilson's Pink Dwarf, and many, many more. There are too many to list more than a sampling of varieties that came in.

Other shipments have included unusual varieties of flowering shrubs, conifers, and a selection of new berry varieties including thornless bush raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries.

Encore Azaleas! New shipment; we won't get another until next year. Great selection. Lots of varieties. These azaleas bloom heavily in the spring, take a brief rest, then re-bloom throughout spring, summer, and often well into December. In this area, we typically have blooms about 8 months of the year or more.

Water Questions:

We suggest contacting your local water agency for questions on water restrictions. Most mature trees, including Japanese maples, as well as most established shrubs, can tolerate a reduction in water. Water deeply to encourage deep roots. Use drip irrigation. Apply 2-4" of mulch around the base of the tree or shrub but away from the trunk, to the drip line  or beyond to retain soil moisture.

Water young, newly-planted trees more often. Plants in containers need regular watering but you may extend the length of time between watering by repotting into a larger container. Lawns account for the greatest part of your household water use.

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