We have many varieties of Japanese maples. We also have many mature Japanese maples growing in our display gardens and are planting more each year. Customers are encouraged to stroll through our grounds and see the different maples in a garden setting.

VARIETY NAMES: We use Japanese Maples by J.D. Vertrees as our primary reference for Japanese maple varieties. This is the book that is used by the majority of our customers and provides a consistency in varietal names among collectors, Japanese maple enthusiasts, and the general public. We also have additional books in our office available for research on the subject. Customers are welcome to use our office copies of any of our books when visiting the nursery to research their favorite variety.


Full sun throughout the day can be harsh on Japanese maples and cause Japanese maples to lose excessive water resulting in drying or burning of leaves, so we recommend protection from hot afternoon sun for all maples. However, the reality is that many gardeners do not have a sheltered location for a Japanese maples so we offer a selection of Japanese maples that will tolerate full sun. For these situations, check out our Sun Tolerant Japanese Maple List. In addition, we encourage people to water more frequently and more deeply, as well as applying a thick layer of mulch to conserve moisture.