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We stock basic bamboos for the garden, both clumpers and runers. In addition, we have over a dozen mature groves in our nursery where customers can stroll and explore. Our staff can help you choose the right bamboo for your garden, help you decide how to contain it, and give advice on planting and growing this wonderful plant.

We have divided our bamboo into 3 categories; short running bamboos, tall running bamboos, and clumping bamboos.

Clumping bamboos are not invasive and do not require special barriers or containment.  Some are less hardy than running bamboos and are more suitable to the Sacramento Valley and low Foothill regions. Check our Clumping Bamboo page for details. 

Short running bamboos are hardy and since they often grow naturally in the wild as understory plants in a forest setting, they usually prefer a shadier location. They are excellent for erosion control and are great ground cover plants under pines because the leafy foliage hides the fallen needles well. In the fall and winter, many can be clipped or mowed to keep the plant tidy. As with many other garden plants, short running bamboos may spread into surrounding planting beds but because of their small stature, they can usually be dug and removed with a shovel, strong arms and persistance. The irrational fear of all bamboos has caused gardeners to unnecessarily avoid the use of this beautiful and valuable small garden plant.

Tall running bamboos are hardy and most will take sun or light shade. When planting, the gardener should remember that the total future mass of the plant can be similar to a large tree like a redwood or possibly even an entire grove of trees. Bamboo should be given the same careful planning and thought as a full sized tree. Barriers should be considered if the bamboo is being planted in an area where it can invade surrounding gardens or planting beds. Alternative methods are available in certain specific areas and we can offer suggestions and help for interested customers. But with forethought and planning, even tall running bamboo can be grown sucessfully in your garden, bringing a beauty and pleasure that only bamboo provides.

All bamboos can be grown successfully in containers and pots are an especially attractive way to grow running bamboos. Many running bamboos are especially attractive and their roots can be easily contained by growing them in containers. Black bamboo is a favorite for a large container where the glossy black stalks can be viewed up close.