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Short Running Bamboo

Dwarf bamboos are understory plants and prefer to be shaded from hot afternoon sun. Some prefer mostly shade, while others may take some morning sun if not placed against hot walls or other excessively sunny conditions. These are some of Laurie's favorites and have a wide landscape use. They provide interest in the garden with attractive foliage, leaves which make a nice rustling noise in a breeze, and easy care.
Shibataea kumasaca -to 7' but usually about half that size, about 3' or so. Unique bamboo with zig zag nodes. Prefers acid soil. Makes a great short hedge, mounding garden shrub, or container plant. A nursery favorite. Soft look in a shady location. Very attractive. Prefers shade or filtered light in this area but can take a moderate amount of morning sun with sufficient water and deep soil. The foliage on this has a sweet aroma that permeates the air on warm days. Try it in a container on a patio.

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